The University invaded. Changes and continuities in Uruguayan Higher Education during the last dictatorship (1973-1984)
This article seeks to go beyond the reports focused on the repressive aspects that characterized the first studies on what happened at the University of the Republic during the dictatorship (1973- 1984). It is based on recent work and institutional documentation (now available to the public) to discuss a number of academic and curricular changes and to assess to what extent there was a relatively systematic design of higher education in the new era. This tour study highlights some links between the University under intervention with proposals and demands of various ideological lines from the period before the dictatorship, which were very intense in public debates on the role and characteristics of educational systems. Thus, the text brings renewed attention to the legitimacy of mechanisms, institutional spaces and social agents that allowed the permanence of authoritarian regimes of the Southern Cone for relatively long periods, including especially the educational area.
University, intervention, dictatorship, higher education, Uruguay.