Enrique Cappelletti and his stay in Chile in the nineteenth century. The scientific works of a Jesuit priest and educator at the San Ignacio College 



This article analyzes the scientific works of the Jesuit priest Enrique Cappelletti while he worked in the San Ignacio School in Santiago, which were published in the Anales de la Universidad de Chile. We state that his publications had relevance in three areas: Firstly, they allowed the educational institution of the Society of Jesus became a temporaly scientific institution during the permanence of the Italian priest in the entity. Secondly, the Jesuit institution complemented the scientific work of the National Astronomical Observatory. Finally, the scientific studies of Cappelletti gave an favorable image of the Catholic Church related to education and scientific research at a moment where the Chilean state was being secularized. 



Enrique Cappelletti - Colegio San Ignacio - Jesuits - education and science