A thousand days of the Military Government Board. The underground metamorphosis of Chilean education during the first years of the military dictatorship (1973-1979)
This article proposes to revise the first stage of the military dictatorship concerning educational matters. Its main objective is to examine the slow metamorphosis suffered by the Chilean education, since the early days of the coup until the beginning of the structural reforms of 1980. Based on primary and secondary sources, this study argues that this is the period in which the future legal basis for the system was set, thus emerging a new political rationality having the subsidiarity as one of its core values. During these years, mechanisms are established, practices are refined and efforts are put together for the institutional change which will be consolidated later on. In conclusion, the regressive policies in force in Chile since the 80s - anti-democratizing, elitist and segregationist - were inherent components to the ideals of civil and military forces that overthrew the Popular Unity government on Tuesday September 11, 1973.
Education, dictatorship, educational policies, Chile.